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Physical Therapy

PRN PT - Plymouth, NC

FT, Part Time & PRN PT & PRN PTA- Rocky Mount, NC
FT PT & PRN PT & PTA- Morehead City, NC
FT, PRN & Part Time PT - Laurinburg, NC
FT, Part Time, & PRN PT & PTA- Murphy, NC
PRN PT & PTA - Greensboro, NC
PRN PT - Smithfield, NC
FT & PRN PT & PRN PTA - Fayetteville, NC
FT PT- Asheboro, NC- Peds
FT & PRN PT- Elkin, NC
PRN PTA- Elkin, NC 
FT PT & PTA- Dunn, NC- Peds
FT & PRN PT & PTA - Dunn, NC
PRN PT - Jamestown, NC
PRN PT- Williamston, NC
FT PT - Laurinburg, NC - Peds
FT PT & PTA- Clinton, NC- Peds
FT PT- Greenville, NC - Peds
FT & PRN PTA - Laurinburg, NC
FT PT - Lillington, NC- Peds
FT & PRN PT- Lumberton, NC
FT & PRN PTA- Lumberton, NC
FT, Part Time & PRN PT- New Bern, NC
FT & PRN PT- Plymouth, NC


Occupational Therapy

FT & PRN OT & PRN COTA - Plymouth, NC
FT, PRN, & Part Time OT & COTA- Laurinburg, NC
PRN COTA- New Bern, NC

FT, Part Time & PRN OT & COTA- Elkin, NC
FT OT- Dunn, NC- Peds
 PRN OT - Fayetteville, NC
PRN COTA & OT - Jamestown, NC
FT & PRN COTA- Murphy, NC
FT & PRN COTA- Murphy, NC- Peds
PRN OT - Greensboro, NC
FT, Part Time & PRN OT & COTA- Rocky Mount, NC
FT & PRN OT- Morehead City, NC
FT OT- Williamston, NC
FT OT - Smithfield, NC
FT & PRN OT & COTA- Lumberton, NC
 PRN OT & COTA- Dunn, NC
FT OT- Greenville, NC- Peds
FT OT- Smithfield, NC- Peds
FT & PRN COTA- Dunn, NC - Peds
FT OT- Lillington, NC - Peds
FT COTA- Fayetteville, NC







Speech Therapy

PRN SLP - Smithfield, NC
FT SLP- Smithfield, NC- Peds
PRN SLP - New Bern, NC
FT, PRN, & Part Time SLP - Laurinburg, NC
PRN SLP- Morehead City, NC

FT, Part Time & PRN SLP- Rocky Mount, NC
FT & PRN SLP- Plymouth, NC
FT SLP- Dunn, NC - Peds
FT & PRN SLP-Williamston, NC
FT SLP- Clinton, NC- Peds
FT SLP- Asheboro, NC- Peds
PRN SLP- Murphy, NC
FT SLP- Laurinburg, NC- Peds
FT & PRN SLP- Murphy, NC-Peds
FT SLP- Greenville, NC- Peds
FT SLP- Fayetteville, NC 


Rehab Tech/ Restorative Nursing Aide

PRN RNA- Elkin, NC
PRN RNA- Jamestown, NC
PRN RNA- Greensboro, NC
FT & Part Time RNA- Murphy, NC
PRN RNA- New Bern, NC
FT & PRN RNA- Plymouth, NC
FT RNA-Rocky Mount, NC
FT & PRN RNA- Morehead City, NC 








Corporate Positions

Outpatient Clinic Manager- Lillington, NC






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